Cora and Roger 4 wheelerGetting a new puppy is exciting and a big commitment.  You want to get the best pup to meet your needs, and we want to find  homes where our pups can have the best possible chance of developing their genetic potential.  We try to breed and import sufficient pups each year to meet the demand, so if you’re new to CFNA, please complete the Request for More Info form.  That will get in in touch with a club representative  who can answer your questions about the breed, the club and the puppy purchase process.   Then you can decide if you should pay the money to join the club and to place a deposit for a pup.  Whether you’re totally new to the club or a long-time member, if you’re serious about getting a pup, we ask that you complete the Puppy Placement Questionnaire. so that we have your current contact information and a preliminary idea of your preferences for a puppy, like sex and color.  Before you request a pup, please review the following requirements:

  1.  We sell exclusively to hunters. All of our club’s breeding decisions, time effort and energy are devoted to producing the best versatile hunting dogs in the world.  They’re bred and born to hunt.  We expect our owners to hunt them.
  2. Puppies must be prepared for and tested in Natural Ability and Intermediate Hunting Dog Test.  Every pup that we breed or import must be tested.  Owners must make the commitment to train their dog and bring it to one of our tests (usually held in Maine, Wisconsin, Idaho and Washington).
  3. Securing quality dogs for breeding is a critical club need. The club shoulders expenses, provides direction and manages placement of pups. It’s crucial that prospective owners discuss willingness to participate in the breeding program early in the puppy purchase process.

The Puppy Purchase Process

Step 1.  If you’re not currently a paid-up club member, please go to the Membership  page, sign up.  If you have questions and want more details before joining, please fill out an Information Request and we’ll do our best to get you  information and a personal contact.

Step 2. Familiarize yourself with the Breeder’s Agreement for purchasing a pup.  Once a prospective buyer is approved for the puppy list,  a deposit will be required  in order to reserve a puppy. 

Step 3. Complete the Puppy Request Form below. Once approved for getting a pup, you go on a wait-list.  How long must you wait?  It depends on several factors such as: how many people have applied already, what time of year you are applying, and how many pups are whelped from planned litters.  Many people get a pup within 6-8 months.  Exactly how long one waits depends on several factors, and you really need to talk with the Breeding Committee to get a good estimate.  So let’s get started seeing if we can place a Cesky Fousek puppy in your world.

Click this link to complete your puppy request form

Puppy Request Form

Step 4. When requested by the Breeding Committee, complete and return a Purchase Agreement Deposit Form. The Breeding Committee must send you a password to access Deposit Page. The Puppy Deposit is intended to help the CFNA accurately estimate the number of puppies to produce each year and help assure that each approved buyer purchases a puppy. It is desirable for the CFNA, individual breeders and the puppies when approved buyers follow through with puppy purchases. The deposit will be applied toward the purchase price.