dog pointing chukars
Bambino of Wolf Fork Canyon pointing chukars, just over the rise in eastern Washington

The NW Chapter serves club members on the west coast. We enjoy long hunting seasons for a wide range of game. Dove, ruffed, and blue grouse seasons open the first of September. Chukar season ends on the last day of January. Waterfowl migrate down from northern breeding grounds to supplement local birds wherever there is good wetland habitat. There are abundant opportunities for our dogs to use the full range of their talents.

Breed Testing Events

For 2023 the NW chapter will be using a new test site in La Grande, OR at the Ladd Marsh Wildlife management area. Please see the test page for more details.

Training Days

The first weekend in May, Grant & Lottie Richie will be hosting a training weekend at Minam, OR for anyone interested in training, seeing dogs, or just learning about the breed. Contact Grant for additional information.

Chapter Contacts

President: Nick Long


Accepting Volunteers!

Treasurer:  Crystal Woodward

Test Co-Chair: Grant Richie

Test Co-Chair: Todd Mitchell