dog pointing chukars
Bambino of Wolf Fork Canyon pointing chukars, just over the rise in eastern Washington

The NW Chapter serves club members in Oregon and Washington. We enjoy long hunting seasons for a wide range of game. Dove, ruffed, and blue grouse seasons open the first of September. Chukar season ends on the last day of January. Waterfowl migrate down from northern breeding grounds to supplement local birds wherever there is good wetland habitat. The ability to use our dogs to help hunt our abundant big game is restricted but may soon change. There are abundant opportunities for our dogs to use the full range of their talents.

Breed Testing Events
Our test site is in central Washington. We are most grateful to Larry and Nancy Mason for the use of their property. The quality of the water, fields, and woods and their proximity to each other makes this an excellent place to test dogs at all levels. We also use this test site for exposure and training days.

We have generally been sharing testing events with the Rocky Mountain Chapter; spring tests are conducted in Idaho with the Rocky Mountain group and we hold the Fall test in Washington.

Chapter Contacts
President: Dennis Carlson