Český Fousek North America

(Revised  2019)

Article I. Name and Purpose

 Section 1. The name of this organization is Český Fousek North America.

Section 2. The purpose of the club is to protect, promote, and improve the Český Fousek breed by such activities as:

  • Developing recommended breeding programs based on performance and type, as outlined in the breed standards.
  • Sponsoring and participating in field tests that are designed to evaluate the versatile hunting qualities of the Český  Fousek.
  • Sponsoring local chapters of  Český  Fousek North America.
  • Affiliating with foreign clubs and studbooks devoted to the advancement and protection of hunting dogs
  • Cooperating with all other clubs and organizations devoted to the advancement and protection of hunting dogs: and
  • Acquainting hunters with the characteristics of the Český  Fousek.

Section 3. The club is a non-profit organization.

Article II. Activation and Membership

Section 1. The club was activated in 1951 and has been active since that date.

Section 2. Persons of good standing interested in  Český  Fousek North America and approved by the Board of Directors become members upon payment of annual dues. Active members are those who have paid their annual dues for the current year.

Section 3. The Board of Directors at the discretion of the Board of Directors may make expulsion of a member by a majority vote, for any action that they believe to be detrimental to the club. Expulsion shall not be contestable, except that the expelled member may apply for membership in any succeeding year.

Section 4. The club may elect to lifetime honorary membership, without payment of dues, any person who makes an outstanding contribution to the purpose of the club.

Article III. Officers and Committees 

Section 1. The officers of the club are the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers serve for three years and without pay.

Section 2. The President appoints acting officers to fill vacancies occurring between elections and appoints regional chairs and committee chairs as may be required. The President, in consultation with the other officers, appoints a member of the club to serve as Editor of the club news bulletin, and a member to serve as Registrar.

Section 3. The Secretary is the executive agent of the club. He or she maintains records of the club, conducts club  correspondence, and conducts the business of the club in accordance with its constitution and motions adopted by the club.

Section 4. The Treasurer receives all club membership fees and other monies for the club, except monies directed elsewhere by the President.  He or she maintains the club bank account as directed by the President. He or she maintains a record of all club monies. Once per year, he or she prepares the annual Treasurer’s Report for publication in the December issue of the club news bulletin, The Gun Dog Supreme. This annual financial report must be submitted to the Board of Directors (via the Secretary) prior to publication in the club news bulletin.  The Treasurer also processes all new member applications, which are then forwarded to the Secretary.

Section 5. The Editor of the club news bulletin, The Gun Dog Supreme, publishes the news bulletin six times per year under the direction of the Board of Directors. He or she ensures that the news bulletin is available to each paid-up club member.

Section 6. The registrar maintains the Český Fousek Club Registry, called the  Český Fousek Registry Book (GCFRB), and related items, such as certified pedigrees, litter and individual registrations, Breeders Agreements, and reports directly to the Secretary.  He or she also presents an annual report of the Registry to the Board of Directors.

Article IV. Elections 

Section 1. Any paid-up members mail nominations for officers to the Secretary prior to November 1 of an election year. The Secretary will publish in the December, The Gun Dog Supreme of an election year, all nominations received.  All votes mailed to the designated vote counter, prior to December 31 of that year, after publication of the slate of nominees, are counted, and elections is by majority.

 Article V. Parliamentary Procedure 

Section 1. The parliamentary business of the club is conducted by mail or email. To the extent practical, Robert’s Rule of Order applies.

Section 2. Normal procedure requires the Secretary, by correspondence and through the medium of The Gun Dog Supreme, to canvas the opinions of the club members and to frame appropriate motions to be presented to club members either by mail, email, or by publication in The Gun Dog Supreme. A simple majority of votes cast by paid-up members within thirty days carries a motion, except for motion to revise or amend the constitution, which motions require a two-thirds majority.

Article VI. Dues 

Section 1. The annual dues are sixty dollars ($60) unless changed by a vote of the membership by a simple majority, payable on January 1 of each year.