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The Puppy Deposits are intended to help the CFNA accurately estimate the number of puppies to produce each year and help assure that each approved buyer purchases a puppy.  It is desirable for the CFNA, individual breeders and the puppies when approved buyers follow through with puppy purchases. The price of a pup is $2000 and the deposits will be applied toward the purchase price.

Approved Buyer Procedure.  In order to receive a puppy from the next puppy cycle, the Buyer must:

  • Be a current member of the CFNA, and have joined the CFNA Chapter in the area of the Buyer’s home,
  • Have completed an application for a puppy, and
  • Be approved to receive a puppy by the CFNA Puppy Coordinator.

The Approved Buyer will then fill out this form and submit an initial $400 Puppy Deposit to CFNA Treasurer either on-line below or by enclosed check with the signed agreement form. Prior to final approval, the buyer will submit a second deposit of $600.00. Both deposits may be made online using the form on this page,

Download the Puppy Deposit Agreement form here:


Complete the form below to place your deposit.

Refunds.  The Puppy Deposit is intended as a firm commitment to purchase a CFNA puppy. The Deposit will be refunded if the CFNA does not offer the Buyer a puppy during the next puppy cycle, which is usually March through July.