Special archival submission from the Rocky Mountain Chapter.

This spring Laurie Connell received several packages from Tawna Skinner.  They contained “Gold”- archival scrapbooks that cover the Rocky Mountain tests from 1988-1994.  These scrapbooks were first constructed by Joan Baily for the 100th Griffon Club anniversary in 1988.  Each dog that attended the test had a photo section and there are a number of interesting group photos for the tests as well.  Later Ann Pool and Marcia Jaro picked up the task. 

If anyone else has scrapbooks that they want to add to the archive contact Laurie Connell at oquassa5@gmail.com. These are a great view into the past.

Rocky Mounain Scrap Books image
Rocky Mountain Chapter Scrap Books

Note: The scrap books are large .pdf format files. Downloading may take time and require good internet connection.

Archive Year
Rocky Mountain 1988-1989
Rocky Mountain 1990
Rocky Mountain 1991