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2021 Litters

We anticipate five Cesky Fousek litters to be whelped from April through October 2021. If you’re interested in being considered for a pup, you need to be sure that your club membership is up-to-date and you need to complete a

Progeny Testing

Progeny Testing

Owners of any pup, whether imported or bred here in North America, are expected to complete a Natural Ability test  before age 16 months and an Intermediate Hunting Dog Test before Age 36 months.  Testing all dogs is vital to



We have tons of photos and videos of our beloved Cesky Fouseks on our image galleries.  Please visit these external sites: The Cesky Fousek Smugmug Gallery You’ll find photos of puppies, hunting, training/exposure and tests.  More photos are added throughout

Pronounce Český Fousek

The Fousek is a Czech breed. Just how do they say, "Český Fousek"? Click to listen.

Say "Český Fousek"

How to Get a Puppy

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Getting a new puppy is exciting and a big commitment.  You want to get the best pup to meet your needs, and we want to find  homes where our pups can have the best possible chance of developing their genetic...

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Genetics and Health Monitoring

X-Ray photo of dog hips

 ATTENTION OWNERS: Please complete our club health surveys on your Cesky Fousek. Link to Baseline Canine Health Monitoring Survey Attention owners of  CFNA dogs: Please complete this Health Survey when your dog is in the 18-24 month age range.   It...

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Observe a field test, talk with owners and meet the Fousek: the ideal versatile gun dog for the on-foot hunter and a great family companion. Click here to get started.

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2021 Officer Election

Officer election information and ballot

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Milner Seminar Spring 2021

Watch Spring 2021 Seminar with Robert Milner recording here.

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