At a Zoom meeting June 8, 2023, officers of Heartland Chapter CFNA had “July Elections” as the first topic of discussion. Nominations are needed for President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
According to our By-Laws, Article II Section 2.01 (a), Elections may be conducted through the CFNA web. Section 2.0l (c). Nominations may also be made online, and Section 2.01 (d), Officers shall be elected by majority vote.

The election election will be held between July 17 and July 31, 2023. The election is for three-year terms commencing September 1, 2023 and ending August 31, 2026. CFNA members who have paid 2023 dues for the Heartland Chapter are eligible to participate in the election. A request for nominations and A link to the ballot will be emailed to each eligible voter/member. Make sure that you are eligible to vote and serve by paying your 2023 dues if you haven’t done so. (Annual dues should have been paid by January 1st, 2023). You can pay them here:

Elected Offices

Candidates are sought for the following elected positions:


(a) Is the executive agent of the Heartland Chapter of CFNA.
(b) Presides at all meetings.
(c) Appoints with approval of the Executive Committee, Chairpersons of Standing and Special committees.
(d) Appoints with approval of the Executive Committee, appointed officers. (e) Calls special meetings when necessary.

Vice President:

(a) To assist the President upon request.
(b) To be the official welcoming person at test grounds and club events. (c) To support and help all Chairpersons with their tasks.
(d) To help the Fund Raiser with raffles and fund raising


(a) To keep minutes of all meetings
(b) To send communication to the membership list, timely (before spring and fall test) with current club information.
(c) To share member communications with Media Manager.
(d) To provide a list of club members with their addresses annually to the Secretary of CFNA.
(e) To have available at all meetings a copy of the Constitution, a list of officers, committees, and membership.


(a) To collect and record the receipt of all monies.
(b) Provide a list of paid and unpaid members to the Field Test Chair, Secretary and President.
(c) To pay all approved bills promptly
(d) To Provide a current financial statement at any time requested by the President. To provide a financial statement at annual meetings.
(e) To maintain Inventory of items for sale – t-shirts, hats, etc.

Appointed Positions

The following positions are appointed by the Executive Committee. If you are willing to participate in one of these roles, please so indicate on the election nomination form.

Field Test Chair

(a) To organize field test.
(b) To complete test score cards.
(c) To provide judges with score cards.
(d) To organize the judging schedule and print it.
(e) To send test information and registration materials to handlers.
(f) To send out flyers and entry forms.
(g) To submit test measurement data to National

Area Coordinator

(a) To assist the Field Test Chair.
(b) To Secure site permits.
(c) To organize lunch on test grounds.
(d) Organize dinner arrangements.
(e) Organize Seminar Location if seminars are in their area.
(f) Organize hotel accommodations.

Media Manager

(a) To keep photo and video documentation of Chapter events.
(b) To coordinate media publication with the GDS editor and online venues.
(c) To assist Secretary with member communications.