handlers with dogs
Dogs and handlers ready for the Spring 2016 Test

Greetings from the NE Chapter

The Northeast Chapter is a small but dedicated group of people who contribute to the advancement of a versatile whisker-faced hunting breed through the tireless efforts of the B.W.P.G.C.A. Our New England territory also serves the Middle Atlantic States, so we have a wide range of interesting dialects at our meetings! Most of our recent tests have been held in mid-coast Maine or New Hampshire and these sites offer a nice example of our complex habitat. With more forest than field, partridge hunting can be challenging, even with a fine hunting dog. Woodcock, and other migratory waterfowl as well as snowshoe hares are also abundant. Along the coast we have good sea duck hunting if you want to brave the cold water, current, and tides.

Our spring test is held in mid-May, a bit later than the other chapters- because the ice is just going off the lakes, and the woods still have significant amounts of snow in late April. Ted and Sandie Silver have generously offered the use of their farm in Winterport Maine for our spring test. The test site contains a beautiful set of fields situated between diverse wood covers. A puppy pond, and otherwise “Wet Dog” play area complete the primary field site. An extremely tough swamp (this is much more than a wetland or pond!) for the Intermediate & Utility dog tests is located just NE of the primary field test site.

A pig roast often rounds out the festivities. Anyone interested in watching, joining or just meeting a group of great hunting dog folks is welcome to stop by. You are encouraged to bring a head net (if it isn’t windy), since mid-May is the start of our short but nuisance black-fly season!

As the Maine Black-fly Breeders Associations says “We breed ‘em, you feed ‘em…”

Chapter Contacts
Chapter Secretary and General Contact person:
Dr Andrew Ogden

 Chapter President:
Dr Andrew Ogden
(315) 393-1494

 Field Test Chair:
Scott Craig & Laurie Connell
85 Rabbit Hill Road
Winterport, Maine, 04496
(207) 525 3383

Northeast Chapter Field Test Information