The club is developing a set of training aids to help Cesky Fousek owners pepare for our tests and most importantly to bring out all yourFousek’s hunting potential.  Most of these aree in the form of .pdf files that you can either read on line or download to your computer for easy reference.  Don’t forget we also have many videos on our YouTube channel.  Check back often, as the list of resources will be growing.

Club members help handler prepare for IHDT

Preparing for IHDT; Tracking and retrieving duck at a club training day

Training Articles by Tawna Skinner

The club is now advocating a primarily positive reinforcement approach to training the the young gun dog.  Toward this end, Tawna Skinner–long-time club member and experienced dog trainer is authoring a series of materials on applying the clicker method to training retrieving.  We provide links to recent Gun Dog Supreme articles.  Additional, more detailed training instructions that are too detailed and long for newsletter articles will be posted here for download as they become available.

1. Introduction to Clicker Use

2. Clicker Training Part II

3. Retrieve to Hand: A Step by Step Approach 

4.  Training for Track of Live Bird

Other Positive Training Resources

Positive Gun Dog Training–Ch 1.  Karen Pryor Publication

Club YouTube Videos

Planning on testing your Cesky Fousek?  The BWPGCA has a whole set of videos on YouTube designed to better prepare you for each discipline in the Natural Ability and Intermediate Hunting Dog Tests.  Just go to our YouTube Channel to see what’s available.  Here are some specific examples filmed at actual tests and training/exposure days:

Basics of good grooming

Assure that your dog has a great looking and practical hunting coat.

Affinity for water: (Natural Ability)

Training day duck exposure  (Note:  Natural ability dog does not do a duck track, but exposure to a duck both builds familiarity with water and builds interest in duck tracking for later.

Searching: (Note:  this video is of an Intermediate Hunting Dog Test, but the basic elements of this discipline are the same as at the Natural Ability level.  The search is shorter and performance expectations are not as rigorous at the NAT level.


Track of Live Bird

Example of a training day first exposure to tracking

How to release dog on the track.  Good example of IHDT

This Natural Ability Dog does an acceptable track.  At the NAT level, the dog is not required to retrieve to hand.

Pointing:  This video is of Intermediate Hunting Dog Test.  In the first attempt at pointing, the dog catches a bird and retrieves it to hand.  Natural Ability dogs are not required to retrieve.

Retrieve of dragged game.  This discipline is only used at the IHDT, not the Natural Ability Test.

Training for Drag Track

Blind Retrieve

Intermediate Hunting Dog Test retrieving discipline

Track of Live Duck  (Intermediate Hunting Dog Test)