If you are the owner of a Cesky Fousek that is at least two years of age, please add its data to our Cesky Fousek Health database. By providing data on your Cesky Fousek, you are helping to safeguard the health and quality of our breed for future generations. If you have a dog bred through the CFNA breeding program, you know that the club cooperate with Cornell University in providing health data for each dog that participates in our Intermediate Hunting Dog Test. However, what we are asking for here is data for our own club canine health survey. We are collecting data on all our Cesky Fouseks from about two years of age on. If you have health data on dogs that have died in the last few years, you can include those also. Please complete a survey on each of your dogs. For a healthy dog, the survey is only a page long and can be completed quickly. The survey expands so owners may provide more detailed information on areas of health problems.

If you have veterinary records, it may be helpful to have that information available as you complete the survey. Note that if you need to pause in your survey completion, you can scroll down to the end and obtain a link so that you may return and finish it later. Upon submission of trhe survey, you will also have an opportunity to download a .pdf file of your data.