Thank you for placing a deposit for a Cesky Fousek puppy. This is both exciting and a big responsibility. To help you get ready for your new puppy, you will be receiving several things. First of all, is “New Puppy Packet part 1” for general management, health, and grooming. We are also sending two books: Puppy’s First Steps by the Faculty of Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and Robert Milner’s Absolutely Positively Gundog Training. Mr. Milner’s training approach is somewhat different from past gundog training methods, and is most valuable for teaching early impulse control and explains how to encourage the natural retrieve. These skills are vital for any hunting dog, but field dogs especially. Puppy’s First Steps will give you the answers to your questions about: potty training, diet, socializing, puppy perceptions, kids, and more. The Training Committee will be sending you “New Puppy Packet- Part II” for specifics on gun dog training. They will be available to offer you help in getting your dog ready for tests as well as hunting.

Puppy Purchase Contacts

Generally, Angie McDunn will be your primary contact person during the early stages of your puppy purchase.

Angie McDunn
3380 Rottweiler Ct.
Helena MT 59602
(406) 410-0564
Roger Fuhrman, Treasurer
29 Rocky Road
Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629
Laurie Connell
85 Rabbit Hill Rd
Winterport ME 04496