The mission of the Český Fousek North America (CFNA) breed club is to protect (foster) promote and increase the rare versatile hunting dog breed, Český Fousek, according to the Fédération cynologique internationale (FCI) accepted breed standard. This will be accomplished through health screenings, temperament, and field performance evaluations and controlled breedings based on sound, scientific principles.

Dear Fousek Owner:

Thank you so much for completing the CFNA Health Survey on your dog.  The Český Fousek is a rare breed, so it is critical that the club secures quality health data to inform our breeding decisions.  Gathering health data on as many of our dogs as possible not only aids in selecting dogs for the breeding program, but also alerts the Breeding Committee to possible health concerns for the future.  Our goal is to maintain a healthy breeding population and assure that all future Český Fousek owners experience living and hunting with a healthy, temperamentally sound versatile gun dog.

For technical questions or issues with the health survey, please direct your email to:

To communicate about the survey content or use of the data, please email Laurie Connell, Chair of the Breeding Committee:

Again, thanks for doing your part to assure a healthy Český Fousek future.

Please use the link below to access a pdf copy of the survey data that you submitted.  You may wish to retain a copy for future reference.  We may re-survey dogs at a later point to see if any new health issues have emerged.   

Cesky Fousek North America