The Loving Side of aCesky Fousek
The Loving Side of a Cesky Fousek

It’s great to have a high-powered hunting dog, but for most of us, hunting season lasts about four months at best and we want a dog that can share the rest of our world, not just the time afield.  Because we breed our dogs to be friendly, stable and eager to please, they make ideal family and companion dogs. This very-same dog that goes busting through a frozen cattail slough after a wing-tipped ringneck is more than content to lollygag with the kids when you get home.  You won’t have to worry about him taking the leg off the UPS delivery person who is delivering your Christmas presents either.

In today’s world, dogs need to play with other dogs at the dog park and behave calmly when they encounter other dogs and people while out with you for a Saturday morning jog.  A dog that snaps when a toddler wanders too close to his supper dish is a liability.  As a breed, our Cesky Fouseks are gentle and non-aggressive.  We evaluate for temperament and only select dogs for breeding that are steady and comfortable around people. They are long-suffering around kids.  A young fousek may be enthusiastic and play hard, but they’re not aggressive.  Of course, a well-conditioned 50-65 pound dog is strong and needs training to function in and around the home.  However, a calm temperament doesn’t mean docile.  Fouseks thrive on activity and owners should expect to provide regular exercise.  You’ll find that a cesky fousek helps keep you in shape too.  Is it walk time?  Don’t expect that these dogs will forget about it just because it’s a little snowy outside.  He’ll want his walk.  Are you a cross country skier?  You might want to try skijoring.  Going fishing?  Your dog is ready to just hang out with you in the boat.

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