Thank you for contacting Cesky Fousek North America!

Our club secretary is Jane Cleaves McKenna  , and she or a regional club member should be contacting you within a couple days.  If you don’t get an email soon, please email  or call Jane directly.  We never want to ignore visitors to our site, but mix-ups do happen, so please jerk our chain if you feel overlooked!

While you’re waiting to hear back from us, please check out some of these resources that the club provides.

  • The club provides a testing program, judge training and educational activities related to versatile gun dogs and the Cesky Fousek in particular.  Check out the Resources section on the main menu of this site. You can download test rule booklets, access back issues of our newsletter, The Gun Dog Supreme, and learn about the work of the club.
  • Check out our YouTube channel for videos of hunting with the Cesky Fousek and training for our testing program.  We have videos covering most of the disciplines required in the Natural Ability and Intermediate Hunting Dog Test.
  • We maintain a great collection of hunting, training and testing photos of our dogs on a special photo gallery site: The Cesky Fousek Smugmug Page
  • Like us on Facebook too!  We have two club related sites:  Cesky Fousek North America club site  and Cesky Fousek North America 

We look forward to being in contact with you soon! Our email is: