There are two changes in the proposal.  Each category of change is specified in the ballot.

1. Eliminate language requiring that the GDS is published six times a year. Proposed language:  Article III. Section 5:  “The Editor of the club news bulletin, The Gun Dog Supreme, publishes the news bulletin under the direction of the Board of Directors.” 

2. Eliminate the specific time frame for publication of the annual Treasurer’s report in the GDS and remove procedural language regarding submission of Treasurer’s report and processing of membership applications that aren’t necessarily applicable or being followed.  

Proposed Language:  Article III, Section 4:  “The Treasurer receives all Club membership fees and other monies for the Club, except monies directed elsewhere by the President.  He or she maintains the Club bank account as directed by the President.  He or she maintains a record of all Club monies.  Once per year, he or she prepares the annual Treasurer’s Report for publication in the Club news bulletin. This annual financial report must be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to publication.”