Litter of young puppies
Fine Cesky Fousek puppies ready to take on the world.

We anticipate five Cesky Fousek litters to be whelped from April through October 2021. If you’re interested in being considered for a pup, you need to be sure that your club membership is up-to-date and you need to complete a puppy request form. PUPPIES ARE PLACED WITH CLUB MEMBERS ONLY.

  • “A” of Floating Feather
    Ax z České Jahodnice & Borka od Chlumínské kamizolky (Star ID)
  • Born 06 June 2021
  • 7 males 2 females. all are brown
Pedigree "A" of Floating Feather
Pedigree “A” of Floating Feather
A of Black Pond Pedigree
"A" z Montany u Vody Pedigree
“A” z Montany u Vody Pedigree

Anticipate “B” of Cody Country in the fall

“B” of Cody Country
Brady of Blackberry Briar x Dorka z Podřipské stráně (Dezi)
Sire Pedigree
Sire Photo gallery
Dam Pedigree
Dam Photo gallery
Litter Photogallery

Poster B of Cody Country
B of Cody Country Litter

Anticipate “A” of a new kennel yet to be named. in the fall. Dam Hunter’s Destiny of Auger Falls.

Getting a Puppy

Getting a pup starts here. Completing the form doesn’t obligate you to get a pup; it just gets the process started so you can communicate with the breeding committee and together, we can make an informed decision. Please review the other pages in the “Managed Breeding” section of the website.

Link to Membership application/ Renewal

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